Association Members provide the following services:

Advising Business Owners

      That wish to sell their Businesses

Estimating the value to the Seller after payment of Liabilities, Taxes, and Expenses of sale.

                Preparing Materials for possible Buyers.

                Locating Buyers – Financial, Strategic, and Private Equity Firms.

                Evaluating offers, preparing counter-offers, negotiating terms.

                Otherwise assisting the parties during the sale process.

Advising Buyers

     When they have located a Business to Acquire

Price/Value Determination.

                Structuring an offer.

                Negotiating Terms & Conditions.

                Due Diligence.

                Getting the Deal Done – if it’s right!

With Dedicated Searches

Identify Industries, type of business, location.

                 Make contact through various methods.

                 Arrange meetings.

                 Advising on offers, terms, etc.

                 Due Diligence.

                 Getting the deal done – if it’s right!

 Business Appraisals/Valuations

Are used by Sellers and Buyers to determine value when a business is sold.

                 Necessary for estate planning, estate tax, and gift tax.

                 Very important for succession, business, and strategic planning.

                 Used in legal proceedings such as divorce.                   

                 A basis to determine how the value of a business can be increased.  

      Machinery & Equipment Appraisals
                 Required to establish collateral value by lenders.
                 Used for Allocation of Purchase Price by Business Buyers & Sellers.
                 Used in legal proceedings such as divorce.
                 Necessary for estate planning, estate tax, and gift tax purposes. 

  Exit Planning/Succession Planning

      Financial Services

Business Planning

                 Strategic Planning

                 Assistance with Financing and/or Refinancing

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